Position: Lead Custodian
School District: Terrell ISD
School: Terrell High School
State: Texas

About the Nominee:

Keith has been the one person who, when I came on, saw my vision for the direction we needed to go as a unified group. He stood with me when it was not a popular position. Today, all 35 of my employees are focused on our mission to clean everything the right way everyday. This man walked to work every day or rode a bicycle because his vehicle was no longer fixable. He would walk in ice, rain, and heat without complaining. I was able to help in getting a car donated for him. I probably wouldn't have stepped out to help someone like that, but, this man has been such an example, I wanted to give him something in return for his dedication since I really can't give him a raise. But, that changed his life and I am proud to call this man not only my employee, but, my friend. He is an Army Veteran. I am a Marine Veteran and we both have the same get it done attitude. This man is the most deserving person I think in our District to be nominated. Thank you.

Extra Credit & Photos:

Terrell ISD’s Keith Jacobs nominee for Sterling Shining Star