Position: High School Counselor
School District: Carlsbad Unified
School: Carlsbad High School

How has this person changed your life?:
I've always been a good student. I set high goals and make good grades. However, the summer before my senior year, my dad got in a major car accident that should have taken his life according to his physicians and surgeons. Going into the school year, I felt an additional responsibility to assist my mom in household duties. Additionally, the emotional scarring from this trauma scarred me deeper than I realized at the time. I had a much heavier course load than I was used to as well as a daily after school job. The weight of everything began to be unbearable and my grades quickly plummeted. My usual A's were replaced with failing classes. Mrs. Penrod was my biggest force that helped me during this challenging time. She reminded me that I should give myself credit for every bit of progress when I got down. She helped me stay motivated. I pulled out at the end of semester passing every class. I got accepted into my dream school, and I think a large part of that is because of her dedication to my success. I am forever grateful for her love and motivation. Mrs. Penrod is my personal hero.

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