Position: 2nd Grade Teacher
School District: Tyler ISD
School: Jones Elementary MST Academy

How has this person changed your life?:
Mrs. Risinger is amazing. She takes each child and individually cares for them like they are her own. So many children fall through the cracks in today's system at such a young age. She does not let that happen. When she sees a problem with one of her students, she goes out of her way to care for them. No child left behind speaks volume to her. She makes sure that the child understands what they are learning. The relationship she has with her students and fellow teachers is an example of what a teacher really is. She is a mentor to her fellow staff members as well as a friend. A woman that you can call on no matter what you need. My son loves his teacher and enjoys her class. She took him under her wing and because of her he will no longer be behind. She teachers because she loves it. She does it for that light that you see go off in a child's eyes when they understand. Mrs. Risigner deserves this award because she has made stars out of her students and now it's time for her to be the star. She is an example of what others should strive to be.