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Position: Counselor/Principal
School District: Devine ISD
School: Devine Intermediate

How has this person changed your life?:
I am a parent of two awesome children whose disabilities do not define them. I first had the pleasure of working with Mr. Martin concerning my daughter in high school, where he served as a counselor. For the first time, my daughter encountered a challenge that shook her confidence and her ability to perform. It was difficult to see my daughter frustrated in said situation. During this difficult semester, Mr. Martin listened, helped and made sure this situation was corrected. Presently Mr. Martin serves as a principal in my son's school. As everyone, we have good days and bad days.. needless to say, Mr. Martin has been a lifesaver in those bad days.. days in which transition was difficult or change in routine was unexpected. Always greeting us with that huge smile and happiness, reassuring all would be good and true to his word. With an open door policy, he has always been there to lend a hand. We are blessed to have individuals like Mr. Martin that work in our district and give their best day in and day out.