Position: 9th grade Biology Teacher, 9th and 10th grade Physical Education Teacher, 11/12th grade Media Studies Teacher, 11th/12th grade Current Life Issues Teacher
School District: Alameda Unified School District
School: Alameda Science and Technology Institute

How has this person changed your life?: Throughout the years, Mr. Higashi has played a big role in not only my life, but my school’s success and development as well. As a teacher, Mr. Higashi has gone above and beyond in order to ensure I have received the help and guidance I’ve needed in an effort to feel comfortable with facing academic problems. As a student, I have approached him with personal problems that he has helped me overcome and deal with. Due to his caring personality, I now feel comfortable enough to approach him with a variety of issues, even those that don’t involve academics. In addition, I personally have benefitted from his generosity for my favorite club, Yearbook Committee, for it would not exist without his leading role as our advisor. There he has trained me as a designer and has trained me well enough to do the same for others. Personally, Mr. Higashi has served as a mentor and a role model. As his student aid, I have seen the struggles and obstacles he’s faced and how despite them, he puts his students first. His endless effort has shown me the importance of perseverance, courage, and fortitude.