Position: Principal
School District: Oklahoma City Public Schools
School: Jefferson Middle School

How has this person changed your life?: Heather Messer, my head principal, has impacted my life in ways that can only flourish for years to come from the seeds that she has planted. Her dedication to Jefferson is unwavering and does not go unnoticed as she is continually aimed toward creating an atmosphere of high expectations, positivity, and collaboration. I could not ask for a better mentor my first year in administration. We are a team and Ms. Messer makes it her charge to make every step teachable. How does what Ms. Messer instills in me positively impact our students? Because we all have bought into what she represents for Jefferson, our school culture is improving towards greater positivity and higher expectations every day because of her effort. She has implemented programs such as Capturing Kids Hearts and Hero (reward points for positive behaviors) to reach our school goal and improve school culture. The programs have changed the prospective of what teachers look for in students and how students react to staff. As she says, “You find what you are looking for.” What are the results of her effort? You find students who are happy and an environment where students can learn and teachers can teach.