Position: High Health Science teacher
School District: Hays CISD`
School: Lehman High School

How has this person changed your life?:
Yvette Sutten is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever known. She inspires me to be a better teacher through finding and highlighting the positives in my students and not getting bogged down by the negatives. She makes a point each semester to verbally tell each one of her students what gift she sees in them. Can you imagine how powerful that would be to a teenager!?
Yvette’s road to becoming a teacher was a different one than most teachers take, but it is one that I believe makes her the compassionate teacher she is. Because of all that she has experienced, she has an understanding and empathy for students from all walks of life.
As a young girl, Yvette came from an often unstable family environment where she experienced being a ward of the state at some point. She used her athletic abilities and put herself through college, even playing basketball in Europe for 3 months. Once she graduated college, Yvette joined the Marines where she served 9 years, leaving as a Lt. Colonel. After the Marines, Yvette went back to school and received her degree for Respiratory Therapy where she used her skills working on Star Flight. After having her son, she found that she wasn’t getting to spend as much time with him as she wanted or needed because of her job, so she chose to get her alternate certification to teach Health Science. She has now been teaching at Lehman HS for the last 10 years where she is inspiring student to be their best.
4 years ago, Yvette was diagnosed with a very progressive breast cancer. She had major reconstructive surgery during the summer and then months of chemotherapy treatments. She continued to go to school and teach and inspire. Yvette demonstrated perseverance and a fight for life. That year at Lehman, students wanted to get involved and do something. With the help of Yvette, they organized Lehman’s first Shave-a-Thon to raise money for breast cancer. Over 200 students participated in this very worthwhile event raising over $10,000 for breast cancer research.
Each year the top 10% of the student body chooses a teacher from the last 12 years that has had an impact on their life with the Linebarger award. Yvette has been chosen by numerous students over the past 10 years. This year alone, 5 students chose her as their Linebarger teacher.
So not only does Yvette inspire students to be their best, but she also demonstrates and inspires her fellow teachers to be their best and look to see the best in their students. I can’t think of a more deserving teacher to receive the Sterling Shining Star Award than Yvette Sutten.