Position: Student Intervention Assistant
School District: ABC Unified School District
School: Gahr High School

How has this person changed your life?: March 6, 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

I very much recommend Ms. Filomena Macedo for your Sterling Shining Star award. I have worked with her for the past 14 years and it is a pleasure to work with her. I have worked with her in the capacity of being a fellow teacher and her supervisor. I have also known her as our girl’s gym attendant, working with the cafeteria, as a union representative for the California School Employees Association (CSEA), and as Gahr’s student intervention assistant (SIA). In addition, I have first-hand experience with working with her on a variety of district committees.

She has strong integrity. When something is not right, she clearly communicates with administration in terms of what the problem is, how she has attempted to ameliorate the issue, and she provides a realistic solution that administration can consider. I recall working with her with difficult students and our Wellness Coordinators, for example, to create solutions that would benefit the child and the working conditions for our SIAs.

Her opinion matters. She has a wealth of experience and institutional memory by working at Gahr and for ABCUSD. Because of the depth and breadth of the variety of roles she has, and her work ethic, I can count on her for sound advice. I would often talk with her in the East Quad at Gahr while we monitor students during snack or lunch, out in the parking lot during her duty in the morning, or at the cafeteria to check in with her in terms of managing student behavior. She ensures the safety of all students and understands the culture and climate at Gahr in order to work effectively with different teams at Gahr. Throughout my conversations with her, she would provide me with sound advice and what to consider when working with others.

She deeply cares for students. There is no question that Ms. Macedo cares for students. It is evident in my daily observations of her working with our student body that she wants the best for students. More recently, whether working with students who are tardy, using inappropriate language, or violating dress code policies, she finds ways to work with students in a positive way in order to correct behaviors.

Her integrity for work, her opinion based on a long history at ABCUSD, and her care for students make her a prime candidate for the your Sterling Shining Star award. Please consider her. I believe she is one of the best professionals I have worked with at Gahr and at ABCUSD. If you need more information to support her application, please contact me at (562) 926-5566, ext. 22019, or at larry1.natividad@abcusd.us.


Dr. Larry Natividad
Assistant Principal