Position: Read 180 Paraprofessional
School District: Alief Independent School District
School: Budewig Intermediate

How has this person changed your life?:
Ms. Hughey worked with challenged readers as their Read 180 rotation teacher for the past 4 years.
She always sets high expectations for the her group of students even if they are just new to the country and struggles to learn.
She spends her own money to buy them prizes when the students improved on their reading levels and she always has motivating and kind words for the students she works with.
At the end of each school year, she sees to it that each of her student gets a book from her to read for over the summer. I know she does not make much but her generous heart never counts how much she spent just to motivate her students.
She has not only went above and beyond her duties. She is also as kind and helpful to us, her co-worker in the ESL Department as well.
She would purchase groceries for one of our staff who was caught in a tight situation and she is always available to assist any ESL staff to the best of her abilities with a joyful spirit.
She is just a delightful person to work with and her benevolent spirit and optimism are just very inspiring.