Position: Principal
School District: Pasadena ISD
School: Dr. Lewis Career & Technical High School

How has this person changed your life?:
I have known Mr. Fleming for 22 years now. He was my high school Chemistry teacher. Then, when I became a teacher (following his inspiration), he was our district science instructional specialist & I had the privilege of learning from him once more. Since HS, he has been my most favorite teacher. He always makes learning relevant & fun, but most importantly, he cares about his students & work family. He has been a very positive, inspirational role model over the years, and an exemplary, caring leader. He takes care of everyone, and makes working for him very emotionally rewarding. Our school's atmosphere is one of high expectations intertwined with love & trust, for all, students, faculty and staff alike. I am blessed to work with him, and continue learning from him. He is an amazing man that truly deserves this honor. He IS a Shining Star!