Position: Special Education Co-Teacher
School District: Hays CISD
School: Fuentes Elementary

How has this person changed your life?: Charlie is an inspiration at Fuentes Elementary. Charlie is our 5th Grade Special Education Co-Teacher. Which means she has all 5th grades special education students and follows them throughout the day in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Mrs. Jones-Mutscher works tirelessly for her students in the classroom but her dedication doesn't end there.

She has her struggling student readers FaceTime her at night so they can read to her before they go to bed. She's created a classroom dinner she caters for motivation, her students dress up for the occasion knowing this was something special.

She had a student who had some high level behavior issues. She worked with him to find he what motivated him. She found he liked responsibility and feeling like he was useful. He became a Crossing Guard in the morning for our school and she gave him a vest and a stop sign and stayed with him. If he wanted to go out rain or shine she stood beside him smiling. His days were much better because he felt useful in the mornings. He felt useful because of Charlie. She does this for every single student she has, every student.