Position: High school Honors Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher
School District: ABC Unified School District
School: Richard Gahr High School

How has this person changed your life?:
In many ways Quyen has made my job much easier. Quyen and I are co-department chairs for the Science department at Gahr High school, I could not handle this job without her. She is a great person to bounce ideas off of and often comes up with solutions for problems that I hadn't even come close to thinking of. I feel she compliments me very well becuase many of her strenths are areas where I am weak.
Quyen is the Honors Biology teacher and I am the Honors Chemistry teacher, the majority of the students I get as sophomores had Quyen as a freshman. Since Quyen became the Honors Biology I have seen a definite improvement in how prepared my students are for a more challeneging class such as Chemistry. Quyen gives her students a good foundation in building lab skills and writing lab reports, making it a much easier transition for those students.
I used to teach the AP Environmental Science class, but I became exhausted teaching that class, along with AP Chemistry, and Honors Chemistry (3 classes to prep for each year), so Quyen took over the class 7 years ago with only about 2 weeks of preparation time. She has been very successful in preparing those students for the AP exam.
I think Quyen is a great teacher and she does a fantastic job preparing her freshmen to be successful in their future science classes.