Position: 6th & 7th Grade ELA/Reading Teacher / 8th Grade Counselor
School District: Devine ISD
School: Devine Middle School

How has this person changed your life?:
She was the very first and only teacher that has ever understood my drive for perfection and why I push for it the way I do. She taught me that making mistakes was something that life made you do, and that everything was going to be just fine if I didn't make the perfect grade. It may sound silly, but it was something I was never taught because no teacher had ever understood and had been on my level with that. Mrs. Guerra explained that she had been just like me when she was younger and feeling understood was a huge thing for my to be able to finally feel. To this day I still find time to go over to her office and have conversations about life or school because she's the greatest at life advice, and she knows just how badly I want the academic things I'm striving to accomplish. Without her, none of my success would have been possible because I probably would have gone crazy with all the stress I was putting on myself to be perfect.