Position: School Counselor
School District: Quinlan ISD
School: A. E. Butler Intermediate

How has this person changed your life?:
Jenifer Hogan is the most dedicated educator I know. No other has the heart and passion for children that I see in Mrs. Hogan. Many of our students come from extreme poverty. Many lack consistent utility services, sufficient food, and family stability. Mrs. Hogan organizes community services to meet those needs. She makes sure all our students have adequate clothing, weekend meals, and a variety of family resources. With poverty often comes trauma and tragedy. Our students have more than their share. When they suffer the effects of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, Mrs. Hogan comes to their rescue. She is more than their counselor; she is their champion. It is challenging to serve in a school like ours. Mrs. Hogan carries the burdens of our students. She takes home their stories and heartaches. At times it is a heavy load, but she never gives up. She counsels them, prays for them, and supports them in their academics as well as helping meet their social and emotional needs. Our students count on her, and she never lets them down. Jenifer Hogan is the type of educator you should honor with the Sterling Shining Starr Award. She is a champion of children!