Johnny Diaz.jpg

Position: Distribution Center Team Member

School: Distribution Center

School District: Pflugerville ISD

How has this person changed your life?:

I met Johnny while he was making his deliveries. He has always been very generous in giving of his time and effort to do his job. Johnny would be willing to help as needed without hesitation. I later met his wife, who also worked for the district at the time. She spoke very proudly of her husband and confirmed the things I saw of this employee in helping his colleagues was very accurate. He is very family-oriented and driven to do his job to the best of his ability. Johnny was named Support Services employee of the Year in 2016. He has a great attitude about life, family and work. Johnny always has a smile on his face, even on those toughest days. Sadly, recent visits to doctors and specialists have uncovered stage 4 bone cancer. Johnny has been very strong in his visits for radiation and he and his wife are very optimistic about the future. Their Faith, Family and Friends are supporting them in any way possible.