K. Taylor.jpg

Position: First Grade Teacher

School: Settlers Way Elementary School

School District: Fort Bend Independent School District

How has this person changed your life?:

Kim Taylor is a dedicated teacher, a hard working colleague, and a selfless mother that goes above and beyond for her students, her coworker, and her family. She is the team leader for first grade team at Settlers Way Elementary school. She has made her teammates job much easier in many ways by respecting them, and by being there for them all the time. She is a great person to bounce ideas off of and often comes up with solutions for problems that no one in the team hadn't even come close to thinking of. Kim is working in our school for 10 years and she has remained consistent keeping the focus on teaching all children, providing a positive environment for her students / teammates. She comes early to work every day with a positive attitude and she is an encouraging word for others. I am honored to nominate Kim Taylor for this award.