Bostick 1.jpg


Position: Special Education Teacher

School: Woodard Elementary

School District: Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District

How has this person changed your life?:

Teaching in Texas; it’s a large state, but not everything is large. Teachers receive very little support or the monies needed to effectively service their students. They are spread so thin and it shows. Writing a 200 word limit explanation on how rare and extraordinary Mrs. Bostick is feels impossible. She always puts her students first even before her job. She uses her own money to provide what her students need. She gets very creative with her household products and turns them into learning tools. When services are not provided she finds ways and time to provide them. She volunteers her time to tutoring clubs and is always available when parents need assistance. If she sees that a student needs assistance and she doesn’t have the answers she finds them. She really pays attention to students individual learning styles; in all honesty I wish she could train all of my sons teachers. I’m sure we’ve not always seen eye to eye, but her professionalism would never show that as she always smiles through a storm. My son has never responded to a teacher the way he responds to her. I was forced to carry him into his last campus and ever since we switched to Mrs. Bostick’s campus he cries to go to school to see her. He was absent from school very frequent at his previous campus and now that he’s with her he has had perfect attendance for two years! I personally could never repay her for being his school mom; I can’t think of any other instructor that deserves this more than Mrs. Bostick.