B Carroll.jpg

Position: Engineering Teacher

School: Moss Point Career & Technical Education Center

School District: Moss Point School District

How has this person changed your life?

The educator that I would like to nominate for the Sterling Shining Star Award is Mr. Billy Carroll. Mr. Carroll was my high school engineering teacher and one of the biggest influences in my high school career. I passed his class with high C-, first C of my entire school career. He taught me if I wanted an A, I’d have to work for it. Being around Mr. Carroll was like having multiple significant figures in one; a second father-model, a counselor, a best friend, and the most esteemed teacher anyone could ask for. He’s been there when I’ve had decisions to make and problems to solve. He will drive you to do more than you think you’re capable; giving you that extra energy to go another mile. Despite being my teacher for three short years, it feels as if he’s been with me my entire life. The fact that he’s given me opportunities to succeed in life and aided me when I needed it are a few, of the many reasons, I’m nominating Mr. Carroll for the Sterling Shining Star Award. This is my way of thanking him for the work he has done for me, personally and academically.