Position: K-5 Math Specialist

School: Heritage Rose Elementary

School District: Fort Bend ISD

How has this person changed your life?

My wife has taught me what the true meaning of hard work and dedication means. She runs a math lab for students in Kinder through 5th grade and her ultimate goal is to bring the love of math back into the hearts of students. She's saddened by the high number of students who dislike math, think math is hard, or they are a failure in math. She always determined and prepared to change their growth mindset. Her math lab is colorful, inviting, and fun. Her lessons includes singing/ rapping/ dancing, hands on investigations where she allows time for the students to explore on their own with a group where no one is chastised for their wrong answer however Mrs. Martin doesn't accept the answer, I don't know. She gives sentence stems to for them to ask instead of saying I don't know. For her hardwork and will to have students fall in love with math is respected. The students love her and adore her unique teaching.