Stephanie Barraza.jpeg

Position: First Grade Teacher

School: Elfida P. Chavez Elementary

School District: Socorro ISD

How has this person changed your life?

My daughter Alina was this quiet, shy, a timid little girl. Who would always get taken over by her emotions. This year she got Mrs.Barraza for 1st grade and has drastically improved. Mrs. Barraza has guided her and helped her come out of her shell. She talks, laughs, and smiles more. She is now lively and such a chatterbox. She speaks up for herself and happy to have so many friends. Mrs. Barraza has helped my student learn to be independent by showing her different strategies to problem solve. This has help my students to stop and think about a problem first before asking for help.The independence she has shown my child to have has improved her life altogether not just as school but in her everday life. Mrs.Barraza also has gone out of her way to also help myself with my younger child and different ways to help her grow in reading and letter recognition. Besides being a teacher she is very involved in the school with extra curricular activities such as Destinations Imagination and UIL. She is a team player and she helps out by tutoring students of other grade levels during her breaks. She is very passionate about teaching and instilling values and love for school and independence in the children. What I admire about her is her classroom management. She has established accountability for each student and holds them to a higher standard. Although the students know she is strict they also understand she is fair. She treats her students the way she wants her own children to be treated. I hope you take my nominee into consideration on the difference she has made in our lives.