Amy Forrester.jpg

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Gilbert Willie, Sr. Elementary

School District: Terrell ISD

How has this person changed your life?

Amy Forrester has been the best teacher for my son. He has anxiety and sensory disorders. Starting school was such a challenge for him ans myself. However, Amy made this transition so easy with her understanding of him, and her overall being a wonderful teacher. He loved kindergarten, my second son is in sped and she goes out of her way to check on both of my boys and make sure they are having a good day. She is so caring, loving and talented. She lost her mother this year and still made sure she checked on my boys. That was amazing to me in her time of grief she still cared about her students all over the school. She helps me to understand accommodations for my son and helps me meet the teachers who work with him. She truly loves her students and does everything she can to help them feel comfortable and succeed. Thank you for considering Amy Forrester!